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Chimwemwe Mizaya in double launch

Ukulu Wanu (Your Greatness) is Chimwemwe Mizaya’s latest and sixth album to be launched Sunday 28th June at Capital Hotel in Lilongwe.

Chimwemwe who has been singing for more than twenty years now, will launch both the cd and the dvd of Ukulu Wanu.

She told Trans World Radio recently that her heart and music is Christocentric. She says that part of the focus in the new album is on praising and worshipping God for who he is and what he has done for her.

Ukulu Wanu has been locally produced featuring ten tracks.

Apart from her full-time job at World Vision, Chimwemwe Mizaya teaches kids about 50 in number songs of the gospel.

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Gospel Sounds and Rhythms of Africa Studio

A new recording studio for the recording of Gospel musicalice-mwaka-front200x201.jpg

and production of Gospel singers is now ready in Pretoria,

South Africa.

You can make your bookings to perform or or if you want quality production can call Alice on (27) 826900303 or email

The album “EXCELLENT” by Alice Mwaka Claassen was the first product from these new studios.

While many Malawians may not know her because she has spent most of life out of the country, it is easy to tell who she is througalice-mwaka-brochure-back.jpgh the album Zikomo (Thank You).

About the studios, Rev Claassen says in an email to the editor,

“It is also a recording label as the Lord has laid upon my heart to create a forum to support musicians throughout Africa who love to produce gospel music and are on fire for the things of God.

I have built a recording studio which I hope will be used extensively by musicians, gospel singers, pastors, evangelists throughout Africa. It is my belief that we do not celebrate God enough. I am thankful, very grateful for the life God has given us and there is no better way to thank him other than to give our lives back to him and use the resources, the talents he has given us to celebrate him through Jesus Christ.

She says says the album is titled “Excellent because Our father is excellent, He is Number One.”


The album is available on cds and cassettes.

Excellent is a double cd, a compilation of 14 songs which are easy to listen and dance to.

The songs are done in English with a mixture of Chichewa, Bemba, French, Lambya among others.

Alice did her first album ZIKOMO which has been receiving lots of airtime and being listened to by many Malawians near analice-mwaka-cd-back300x282.jpgd far.

Her albums are available at IMPACT bookshops in South Africa and in Zambia at SOUNDS Music Stores.


Celebrate God, Celebrate Life, Celebrate Jesus

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Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango’s Albums

This information comes from, a website based in the USA but is dedicated to information about the town and mission station at Embangweni, Malawi, Central Africa. It also covers the other mission stations in the Synod of Livingstonia. You can click on the links, order the songs, read more and listen to some mp3 intros.

All 5 of these CD’s are vocals with electric keyboard backups. Some of the songs are traditional songs and some were written just for these CD’s. Most of the songs are sung in Tumbuka – but a few are Chewa or a mix of other languages.
For ordering, see the order form.

Choko – Choko

by Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango
Price: $15

The tracks on the CD are listed below. If a title is underlined, you can click on it and play a 1 minute clip from the track. Each clip is around 400 kilobytes, so may take a few minutes to download depending on your connection speed.

1. Choko-Choko [The process of separation]
2. Nkhawone Yesu [I want to see Jesus]
3. Muzomerani [Accept Him]
4. Mademoni [Demons]
5. Chelusifala [Shame Lucifer]
6. Ufwenge [You will die]
7. Ine Nkhuwonga [I thank you]
8. Ndazizikika [Am puzzled]
9. Tikondwe [Let us rejoice]
10. Moyo Wa Munthu [The human life]
11. Likunozga Zuwa [What a joyful day]
12. Nkhawone Yesu [I want to see Jesus]
ChokoChoko.jpg (9217 bytes)


by Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango
Price $15

The tracks on the CD are listed below. If a title is underlined, you can click on it and play a 1 minute clip from the track. Each clip is around 400 kilobytes, so may take a few minutes to download depending on your connection speed.

1. Mviri wako [Your helper]
2. Nyenyezi / Linda [My Star Linda]
3. Ivangeli [Good News]
4. Chimwemwe [Joy]
5. Tikambilane [Let us discuss]
6. Ndimbenge [I will sing]
7. Yesu mponski [Christ the Saviour]
8. Nkhondo [War]
9. Kajilenge [Self Created]
10. Fumu Yane [My Lord]
11. Ndimwe Chiuta [You are my God]
12. Tileke kusuzga wamama [Let us stop troubling or abusing women]
Chimwemwe.jpg (9111 bytes)


by CCAP Mzuzu Joint Choir & Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango
Price $15

The tracks on the CD are listed below. If a title is underlined, you can click on it and play a 1 minute clip from the track. Each clip is around 400 kilobytes, so may take a few minutes to download depending on your connection speed.

1. Nkhwiza Yesu [I am coming Lord]
2. Tendenge na Yesu [Let us be moving with Jesus]
3. Gabi Gabi [Praise the Lord]
4. Temwanani [Love one another]
5. Lawisiska [Look carefully]
6. Ndijipte [Let me deny my self]
7. Mkwezge Nhumbi [Be strong]
8. Fumu Yesu [Lord Jesus]
9. Kwenda Pa Charu [Moving in this world]
10. Siyahamba [We are marching]
11. Iyo ndiyo Fumu [He is the Lord]
12. Tikondwere [Let us rejoice]
Temwanani.jpg (17052 bytes)

More Chimwemwe

by Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango
Price $15

The tracks on the CD are listed below.

1. Yesu Khristu Mwawakuchanya mupulikenge pala tikulomba [Jesus Christ, hear us as we pray]
2. Wandiyitana Ambuye [God has called me to be a shepherd]
3. Titemwanenge [Love One Another]
4. Mwana mulanda timovwire [Let us support an orphaned child]
5. Chiuta Mweme [God is Good]
6. Hena mwana wa Mberere [Look, the Lamb of God who takes away our sins]
7. A Yesu mkuti ndijipate [Jesus Christ, you tell me to deny myself to follow you]
8. Linda Muwoli wane zanga tivinepo [My wife Linda, let us dance together for the Lord]
9. Kuteweta kwane nkhaone Yesu [My ministry’s aim is to see Jesus]
10. I am the Way, the Truth and the Light
More Chimwemwe.jpg

A Yehova Yewo

by CCAP Mzuzu Joint Choir & Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango
Price $15

The tracks on the CD are listed below.

1. A Yehova Yewo [Thank You Lord]
2. Satana Wahawa [The Devil is at Work]
3.Tendenge Pachoko Pachoko [Walking Slowly Till We See Jesus]
4. I Want to Be Ready
5. Yeriko [The Walls of Jericho]
6. Titemwanenge [Let’s Love One Another]
7. Tiwonge Chiuta[Be Strong]
8. Para Tafika [When We Reach There]
9. Fumu Yesu Nkapulika [Lord Jesus I Hear Your Calling]
10. Vingwa [The Feeding of Five Thousand]
11. He Who Began a Good Work
12. He Who Began a Good Work {Acapella}

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Meet Fingani Mphande

Fingani Annie Mphande has so far released two albums; the latest being Chinsinsi which she launched in Stockholm, Sweden. She is part of the worship leadership team at Immanuelskyrkan Church.


Fingani says the album is called “Chinsinsi” (mystery) because she believes that there are certain things which people won’t understand and can only be left to God.


Her title track is based on a young boy who has speech difficulties. She says she had met this boy selling firewood along the main Lilongwe-Mzuzu road in 2004 and January this year in Malawi. Apart from this inspiration, the rest of the songs are Scripture-based.





























The tracks are as follows:

1. Chifundo Chake ndi Chosatha: Masalimo 118 vs 1,4-6,9,17 (His Mercy Endureth Forever: Psalm 118:1, 4-6, 9,17)

2.Chinsinsi (The Mystery)

3. Nditamva Liu La Mulungu: Yesaya 6vs 8 (When I heard the voice of the Lord: Isaiah 6:8)

4. Pemphero Langa: 1 Atesalonika 5 vs 17-22 (My Prayer 1 Thessalonians 5 vs 17-22)

5. Zonse Za Moyo Zitamande Yehova (Let Everything that has Breath Praise the Lord)

6. Bvomera: John 3 vs 16, Mathew 5vs 3,6,7,8,10-12

7. Yenda (Walk)

8. Tiyang’anira 2 Chronicles 20vs12 (We depend)
9. Standing on your word: Hebrews 11 vs 8-11
10. There is a Reason


Chinsinsi was recorded at White Dove Studios in Blantyre by Greysham Mokoena and Peter Likhomo. She did all the vocals with one track backed by Greysham and Peter Likhomo (Zonse Za Moyo Zitamande Yehova) and another by Kondwani Munthali (Standing on your word). She says she decided to launch in Sweden in May this year because she did not have adequate time to do so in Malawi as she was supposed to leave for studies in Sweden. Fingani’s album which has ten tracks (most in Chichewa and 2 in English) can be bought on Radio Yako ( She can also be contacted via email on


In the first album seven years ago, she sang with her sister Carol. Her singing dates back to when she was 8 years when her father bought a piano for use in the home. Fingani first went into the studio started when her parents encouraged her and her sister Carol to proceed with music and they promised to sponsor them. She first tested her own vocals in 1999 when she recorded a demo with Peter Kunkeyani in Lilongwe. Thereafter Fingani and Carol recorded the first album “Ablaze Kuyaka” with the late Chuma Soko in 2000. The Album was launched in Malawi in 2003 in Malawi at the Blantyre Baptist Church.




Fingani says she sings because she believes music is a ministry to people.


I believe one can reach out to people with music and that is my goal to serve God with my talent and voice and minister to those who hear the music. I am sure there are many people, Malawians and non Malawians who do not know me or have never heard my music, my word to them is that they should listen to the music and they will learn more about me and most of all learn and understand what God can do.


My music is full of testimonies and life situations that have made me appreciate and learn more about God and it is my prayer that as you will listen to it you will be ministered to as well. Music is the ministry that I believe God has called me to and it is a way of meeting so many people and reaching out to them, encourage them and also just to be with them in those moments they need God most. My prayer is that people should see God in my music and know God through the music. As for me I am just an instrument to deliver the music to the nations. To those who know me may you be blessed with the music and let God minister to you as you listen.



While she has already written several songs, she says she plans to go into the studio after July 2008.



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Hello Malawian Gospel Artists!

Welcome to the Malawi Gospel Music blog. This blog is for Malawian Gospel artists. Its aim is to provide a platform for the gospel artists to share and promote their music ministry. The blog is open to all who know they are gospel artists. They have the freedom to write their contributions to the posts. This should be information that you think the public should know. There is no pay, it is all for free.

It had been observed that no Malawian gospel artist had their own online presence and this is an attempt to provide that opportunity. So make use of it.


  1. Artist’s History
  2. Album Information
  3. The Church you are part of
  4. Where the music can be found if someone wants to buy
  5. Your plans-for the future
  6. Message to people who don’t know about you and the music
  7. Message to those who have known you before
  8. Why you sing
  9. Pictures of the artists or performances would help make you better known. So include pictures if possible.
  10. Whenever you have performances, feel free to announce that on this blog.

On behalf of the Malawi Gospel Music blog crew, I want to thank God for the wonderful privilege of letting us have this blog to the glory of God. Our basis is on God’s Word in Ephesians (Good News):

Eph 5:16 Make good use of every opportunity you have, because these are evil days.
Eph 5:17 Don’t be fools, then, but try to find out what the Lord wants you to do.
Eph 5:18 Do not get drunk with wine, which will only ruin you; instead, be filled with the Spirit.
Eph 5:19 Speak to one another with the words of psalms, hymns, and sacred songs; sing hymns and psalms to the Lord with praise in your hearts.
Eph 5:20 In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, always give thanks for everything to God the Father.

Moderation and some editorial assistance of the blog will be done by Victor Kaonga. Send your stories by email to or

For inquiries you can also call 09551654 and talk to Benson Nkhoma-Somba. The landline for Galaxy Media is 01873200 0r 01873174